Episode 34: Play Manchester

In the 34th episode of DorkTunes, Noob and Andrew discuss recent releases of this year and the upcoming game audio stage at this years PlayExpo in Manchester hosted by The Sound Architect. Tickets and info and even a 10% ticket discount at: http://www.thesoundarchitect.co.uk/the-sound-architect-presents-game-audio-at-play-expo-manchester/ This week’s episode features: Tomb Raider Abzu… Continue Reading Episode 34: Play Manchester

Episode 33: Prescilla Garland Interview

DorkTunes speaks to the wonderful Prescilla Garland of @WeLoveGameMusc and @OuterHeaven_x about her passion for video game music, her story and her favourites. Doom Main Title Mick Gordon 2016 00:00:03 Donkey Kong Country Aquatic Ambience David Wise 1994 00:09:44 Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VII Symphony in 3 Movements Nobuo… Continue Reading Episode 33: Prescilla Garland Interview